Nursery Rhymes : Kids

Nursery Rhymes : Kids 1.3

This app helps your kids to learn rhymes with ease and fun.

This app helps your kids to learn rhymes with ease and fun.

This app helps your kids to learn rhymes with ease and fun. It benefits-

* Rhymes in ANIMATED VIDEO SONGS format

* COLORFUL Graphics

* Melodious MUSIC

* Collection of Popular Rhymes

* Great Learning Experience

* FUN Learning

* ENGAGING for Kids

* All RHYMES available on your device in offline mode.

It contains poems in ANIMATED AUDIO-VISUAL format that will be cherished by your kids for sure. These video rhymes will give your kids a great learning experience instead of just cramming them from books. These nursery rhymes have been sung and played in such an enchanting manner that your child will be able to pick up each and every nuance with utmost ease.

Watch your angel-face sing and dance along the groovy and snazzy poems in this wonderful volume of the choicest traditional common nursery rhymes.

A kid’s laughter and voice is like music to ears, right? So, to help you see the magic that music and words can play, we bring to you this melodious concoction of joy, laughter and rhythm furnished with life-like animations that act as an icing to this delectable combination of poems. These, we assure, will not only get your little one tapping and singing but will also bring a gleaming smile across your face as you see him/her being mesmerized totally.

Classteacher Learning Systems has always tried to design apps and games that, not only parents but even kids can access with ease. So keeping up with the league of producing the best children’s apps so far, we are here yet again with a marvel full of colors, melodies, joy and laughter.

Nursery Rhymes : Kids


Nursery Rhymes : Kids 1.3

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